New Taego Priests in A-E Parish

Congratulations Announcement: Promoted to Taego Zen Priest I am very pleased to announce that the following NINE Dharma Teachers have just received promotion by Taego Order headquarters (Seoul) to Taego Zen Priest. This is a great honour involving years of training for them to get here. For such dedication and hard work – Special Congratulations … Continue reading New Taego Priests in A-E Parish

Taego site given UNESCO status

Dear Taego-Jang A-E Parish, Good News! I am pleased to report that our Taego temple and training grounds, Seonamsah monastery (and Youngsanje) became a word cultural heritage of UNESCO! Staying at this temple is an incredible experience and honour.  During the Japanese invasion (1592 – 1598) many of Seonamsa’s buildings were destroyed. Restoration was done … Continue reading Taego site given UNESCO status