New Taego Priests in A-E Parish

Congratulations Announcement: Promoted to Taego Zen Priest I am very pleased to announce that the following NINE Dharma Teachers have just received promotion by Taego Order headquarters (Seoul) to Taego Zen Priest. This is a great honour involving years of training for them to get here. For such dedication and hard work – Special Congratulations … Continue reading New Taego Priests in A-E Parish

Annual European Retreat

The annual European spiritual retreat was held in Poland near the city of Opole between the 28th and 30th of September 2018. Attendees included the abbot of the temple, Venerable Hae Mahn, the Patriarch, Venerable Park, some Polish practitioners and other parish clergy from all over Europe including Germany, and Italy. In addition, there was the … Continue reading Annual European Retreat

Taego site given UNESCO status

Dear Taego-Jang A-E Parish, Good News! I am pleased to report that our Taego temple and training grounds, Seonamsah monastery (and Youngsanje) became a word cultural heritage of UNESCO! Staying at this temple is an incredible experience and honour.  During the Japanese invasion (1592 – 1598) many of Seonamsa’s buildings were destroyed. Restoration was done … Continue reading Taego site given UNESCO status


Listen carefully!  Do you feel the summer breeze ? Insight is like this.  All views are false views.  Clinging to those abstractions.  Outside a crow caws. Calm mind and warm heart  This is the truest Freedom  The Bodhisattva! Anger is poison.  Compassion blooms like flowers.  Let go of your views.  The cosmos is vast.  Yet … Continue reading DO YOU FEEL THE SUMMER BREEZE (HaeIn Sunim)

TO MY DISCIPLES (from Jongmae Park KunSunim)

Live continually as a student…  when life’s study is ended,  your life is over.  Don’t brag about or bemoan your history if you only have a past…  you are currently desolate.  If people don’t ask for advice  then don’t give it…  unsolicited advice sounds like a broken trumpet  Don’t pass on all the world to … Continue reading TO MY DISCIPLES (from Jongmae Park KunSunim)


A new Bishop has been installed in the American-European arm of the Zen Taego Order. The ceremony was held on the 10th of March, in Brampton, Canada. The service was attended by monks, and ministers from Ontario, Canada, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland and California. Bishop Hae Kwang has been involved in Buddhism, and Eastern … Continue reading INAUGURATION OF NEW BISHOP FOR THE A-E TAEGO ORDER