Our seminary program allows those who are dedicated to the path of practice and counseling others. We have multiple ways to pursue a path to ordination, all designed for those who live in the west.

Our program allows people to work with a guiding teacher along the path, and provides education in various stages of development, both practical and academic.

If you are interested in pursuing a path below, click the link to learn more about requirements for each. We also provide education for those who do not wish to pursue ordination, but would like a deeper education into Buddhism and it’s practices.

Bhikkhu / Bhikkhuni (Monk / Sunim): Please follow this link if you wish to pursue a path to full ordination as a monk. Fully ordained monks are allowed to open a temple or center (with permission of the leadership) and can provide services in their local community.

Dharma Teacher (Reverend / Bup Sanim): Please follow this link if you wish to pursue a path as a Dharma Teacher. Dharma Teachers support a local temple or center and can provide classes in their community. Senior Dharma Teachers (additional education required) can also open a center (with permission of the leadership).

To learn more about the program itself, please visit: The Institute for Buddhist Studies (I.B.S.) at this link:

Taigu Seminary Program