A new Bishop has been installed in the American-European arm of the Zen Taego Order. The ceremony was held on the 10th of March, in Brampton, Canada.

The service was attended by monks, and ministers from Ontario, Canada, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland and California.

Bishop Hae Kwang has been involved in Buddhism, and Eastern Complementary Medicine since 1990.  He has traveled widely and has studied with different teachers including Ajahn Sumedho and a number of other Thai monks in the Theravada Tradition. In 1998, he started to study Zen (and Zen Qi Gong) and became ordained as a Zen monk in 2004.   Hae Kwang works closely with the Institute which is affiliated with Dong-Bang University in Seoul and World Buddhist University in Bangkok.

For almost a decade, Hae Kwang has been leading meditation retreats, classes and workshops across California. In 2005, he was appointed Director of Bo Kwang Temple, Palm Springs, USA.

Hae Kwang is also president of the Thai Holistic Practitioners Alliance (T.H.P.A.) outside of Thailand and an Eastern Complementary Medicine and Herbalist Certification Instructor. He also runs a Thai Traditional Medicine cancer support program and conducts classes on this in Thailand and the U.S.

Hae Kwang means the Brightness of Wisdom.  May Bishop Hae Kwang bring brightness, and wisdom into the Taego order and the world at large.