New Taego Priests in A-E Parish

Congratulations Announcement: Promoted to Taego Zen Priest

I am very pleased to announce that the following NINE Dharma Teachers have just received promotion by Taego Order headquarters (Seoul) to Taego Zen Priest. This is a great honour involving years of training for them to get here. For such dedication and hard work – Special Congratulations go out to:
Rev Bup Gong (Marie Gaspari, Canada)
Rev. Bup Chon (Harold Skrabal, Austria)
Rev Bup Heng (Alexander Coe, USA)
Rev. Bup Il (Greg Sherburn, USA)
Rev. Bup Tcheon (Stewart Pierson, USA)
Rev. Hae Joong (John Maxwell, USA)
Rev. Hae Seong (Ronald Purser, USA)
Rev. Bup Seong (Heather Emerick, USA)
Rev. Bup Seong (Tommy Tran, USA)

Thank you for your work and great service since graduating I.B.S.I’m glad the addition of Zen Priest bore fruit and I hope we will have many, many more to follow in the Taego Order A-E Parish.

Hapjang and Many Blessings,
Bishop Hae Kwang