Taego site given UNESCO status

Dear Taego-Jang A-E Parish,

Good News! I am pleased to report that our Taego temple and training grounds, Seonamsah monastery (and Youngsanje) became a word cultural heritage of UNESCO! Staying at this temple is an incredible experience and honour. 

During the Japanese invasion (1592 – 1598) many of Seonamsa’s buildings were destroyed. Restoration was done with great attention to detail and is now one of the most well known temples in South Korea.

Seonamsa played a fundamental role in the development of Seon Buddhism. Many masters have practiced, taught and attained awakening here.

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Also to be reported today! Although early still.. we wish to let your know that there have been steps initiated to reunify the Taego and Jogye Order. Any additional news will be forthcoming!

Taego and Jogye presidents first meeting to discuss reunification of the orders, June 2018

Bishop Hae Kwang